The Remaining Repository Walkthrough & Information

The Remaining Repository is a foremost story quest out there in Hogwarts Legacy.

Your goal is to enter the ultimate repository and defeat Ranrok.

Right here’s a walkthrough and information of The Remaining Repository in Hogwarts Legacy.

The required degree is 24. It’s possible you’ll wish to pack all the potions you’ve gotten as you’ll want it.

Hogwarts Legacy: The Final Repository Walkthrough & Guide

To start the hunt, head to the Map Chamber to speak to Professor Fig.

Hogwarts Legacy: The Final Repository


Enter the Keepers’ Caverns

After the cutscene, the ground will get pushed down and the door to the Keepers’ Caverns seem.

Hogwarts Legacy: The Final Repository Walkthrough


Make your strategy to the Repository

Along with Professor Fig, make your strategy to the Repository.

Hogwarts Legacy: The Final Repository Guide


Cease the goblin Loyalists

You’ll then uncover that the Loyalists have drilled their means by.

Defeat the goblins.

Hogwarts Legacy: The Final Repository wiki


Attain the Repository earlier than Ranrok

After the combat, Professor Fig will transfer the massive drilling machine away.


Defeat the Loyalists and their Trolls

At one level, you’ll come throughout two Trolls and extra goblins to defeat.


Discover a path by

After securing the realm, proceed forward through the crack on the wall.


Defeat Ranrok’s Loyalists

There’ll be extra Loyalists ready. Defeat all of them.

Hogwarts Legacy: The Final Repository tips


Attain the Repository

Professor Fig will blast open a path. Proceed forward.

Hogwarts Legacy: The Final Repository quest Walkthrough & Guide

You’ll then see a cutscene of all of the professors from Hogwarts coming to assist combat the goblins.

Along with Professor Fig, proceed to go forward.

Hogwarts Legacy: The Final repository quest Guide

Some Loyalists will spawn alongside the way in which. Take them out.

A Fighter Troll can even seem which is stronger than the earlier Trolls.

After the combat, proceed going till you attain the Repository.


Dialogue selections – good or dangerous ending

When speaking to Professor Fig, you’ve gotten dialogue selections. For those who select “I intend to maintain it contained right here” it is going to be a great ending, and the opposite selection “I intend to open it” results in a nasty ending.


Defeat Ranrok

You’ll then have to confront Ranrok within the hardest combat of the sport up to now. He’ll be within the type of a dragon.

In the beginning, you’ll be able to’t harm him. You’ll discover orbs round him.

The colour of the orb dictates which spell you might want to use to destroy it.

For e.g. if the bubble is yellow, use Levioso or different yellow-colored spells and if it’s pink, use a harm spell. For purple, you should use Depulso and so forth.

After eliminating the orbs, you will note his well being bar. Battle him till the well being depletes to a few quarters.

Hogwarts Legacy: The Final Repository - how to defeat ranrok dragon

He’ll then run away. Observe the trail.

He’ll then shoot fireballs at you. Preserve utilizing Protego and go in direction of him.

how to defeat ranrok dragon

For the second combat, you’ll should take away orbs once more earlier than you’ll be able to hurt him.

After his well being falls to the subsequent half, he’ll go down. Slide all the way down to the massive platform beneath.

Proceed the combat beneath.

After his well being drops to zero, he’ll nonetheless assault you. Throughout that point, orbs will seem briefly successions.

It’s a must to destroy all the orbs in line with their coloration like earlier than. In spite of everything orbs are gone, Ranrok is defeated.

You’ll then watch the ending in line with the dialogue selection you selected. The hunt ends right here.


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