Bounty Nipulon Walkthrough & Information

Bounty: Nipulon is likely one of the final bounties you’ll do in Excessive on Life.

Your goal is to kill Nipulon and retrieve coordinates for earth.

Right here’s a walkthrough & information of Bounty: Nipulon in Excessive on Life.

To start, simply settle for the bounty on the bounty 5000 machine.

High On Life: Bounty Nipulon Walkthrough & Guide


Take heed to the weapons

Enter the portal and take heed to the weapons speak to one another first.

High On Life: Bounty Nipulon


Speak issues over within the Saloon

This one is likely to be non-compulsory however you’ll be able to go to the Saloon on the west aspect first.

High On Life: Bounty Nipulon Walkthrough

Sit on the desk and let the weapons speak.

High On Life: Bounty Nipulon Guide

In the course of the dialog, you’ll be able to choose to aspect with Kenny or not however it could not have an effect on the ultimate choice.

High On Life: Bounty Nipulon wiki

High On Life: Bounty Nipulon tips


Go to the Goop salesman

Head again to the Dreg City entrance and search for the Goop salesman.

He’ll be positioned close to the doorway this time as he relocated in your comfort.


Head to the west aspect of Previous City

Now, head again out to the west aspect of Previous City.

Speak to the brothers who’re supposed to construct a bridge. You’ll want the bridge to get to a uncommon flower for the Goop creature to eat.


Ask about Papa Mackincheese

Go to the Saloon once more. Speak to the yellow man who’s Papa Mackincheese. He’ll ask you to duel with the Torg.

You’re supposed to attract your gun and shoot after he counts it down.

I shot early by chance and killed the Torg. This resulted in all of the Torgs attacking.

Additionally, Papa Mackincheese was by chance shot to demise. This will likely not have an effect on the dialogue later.


Inform the brothers about Papa Mackincheese

Right here, you’ve three choices between “Your dad loves you”, “Your dad hates you” or “Your dad is useless”.

I selected the love possibility.

This resulted in them feeling joyful and considerably conjured a rainbow bridge of affection.


Cross the bridge of affection

Use the bridge to cross over.

Take the medicinal flower.


Return to the Goop salesman

Get again to the salesperson and get gooped.


Go to Nipulon’s Lounge

Now, head east to Nipulon’s Lounge.

You don’t must battle with any of the G3 as you’re gooped.

Simply stroll previous them and enter the Lounge.

High On Life: Bounty Nipulon where to go


Get to Nipulon

Contained in the Lounge, go to the elevator and use it.

High On Life: Bounty Nipulon stuck

Head to the waypoint and let the alien escort you in.

You’ll see all the aliens smoking people inside.

You’ll finally be escorted into your room.

Kill the alien beside you when given the prospect.


Defeat the G3 Safety

You’ll now must defeat the G3 Safety.

Head to the center room the place it’s most spacious. Take out waves of G3 aliens.

After you’re completed, take the crystal from the warp drive.

You can even free all the people within the space and within the smoking rooms.


Ascend Nipulon’s Lounge

Whenever you’re prepared, lookup and also you’ll see magnetic partitions you’ll be able to stroll on.

Hold heading up. Kill all the G3 members alongside the best way.

On the useless finish, lookup and you may go up additional. Observe the pipes after which use the magnetic partitions to stroll on.

Observe the waypoint and lookup. You’ll see a approach to go to the best flooring.


Await Nipulon

Speak to Helen at reception. You’ll have to attend for Nipulon to be prepared.


Defeat Nipulon

You’ll then meet Nipulon in his workplace.

Not lengthy after, you’ll must battle him.

He’ll then launch his trippy fuel and the battle is halted.

You’ll now be transported into some trippy place. Speak to Gene.

After the dialog, search for the sunshine beam from the sky.

Go in direction of it and also you’ll see a black gap to stroll into.

Within the subsequent space, you’re alleged to shoot at Nipulon till his well being falls just a little extra.

He’s simple to identify as he’s the one orange man right here.

Within the subsequent half, you’re supposed to speak to your sister.

Like earlier than, go to the sunshine beam and enter the black gap.

On this half, Nipulon will likely be clumped collectively together with his clones. Shoot the orange ones once more.

On the subsequent space, you must choose up all 4 of your weapons from their respective locations. They’re all in the identical space.

Head to the sunshine as soon as once more.

High On Life: Bounty Nipulon game crashed

The weapons will then have a dialog with one another.

Shoot Nipulon till he’s virtually useless.

After this, Nipulon will threaten to erase the sport however fails. Go searching for the door.

You’re now geared up with all 4 weapons. Simply blast all of them the best way and kill Nipulon.


Retrieve earth’s coordinates

After killing Nipulon, get earth’s coordinates from the pc.

Get his DNA as nicely.


Return house

Use the portal exterior Nipulon’s room to return house.

Speak to Gene and he would have fastened Lezduit.


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